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[class list]:

Click on this to view members of your class who have registered on the site. To get the full information about a person, click Detail. If a person has written Bio Info or comments, an asterisk* will appear next to the date they last updated their info.

To send a message to someone in the list, click Email and type in your message. You will receive a copy of the email as well. In your copy of the email, you will see their email address. The person receiving the email will be able to reply directly to your email without having to return to the site.

To view other classes, choose the year you want to view from the pop-up list at the top of this page. Views are sorted automatically by class and last name, but if you click on one of the yellow column headings you can sort the list by Class (year), Name, City (by state), and most recently Updated.

[class notes]:

Click on this to view notes that have been posted for your class to read. Notes are sorted with the most recent on top.

Click Add a Class Note at the top of this page to add your own note (or click [add note] in the main menu). When you add a note, it will be posted onto the site immediately, plus it will be emailed to everyone registered in your year. Only those who have indicated in their profile that they wish to be notified about a reunion will receive these notes.

To view other notes for other classes, choose the year you want to view from the pop-up list at the top of this page.


Click on this to view a list of people who were in your class, but haven't registered on the list. This part of the site is strictly contributed by you, the user. Each name in this list has been added by a user of the site. Please add any names that you remember, plus any notes about that person that would be relevant.

This page behaves similarly to the Class list page.

Click Add a Missing Person at the top of this page to contribute.

Click Update? next to any person in order to add info to their listing.

[edit your info]:

Click this to update your information on the site, or to add comments for others to read.
Email Address If you change your email address, your listing will be temporarily removed from the site. You will have to reactivate your listing using your new email address before your listing will be re-activated.

Name: First, MI, Last First name, Middle Initial (or name), Last name; please enter your name as it was while you were at CP.

Current Last Name If your current name is different that it was at school (ie: you're married), put it here. If you've completely changed your name, put it in your Comments.

Graduating Class Your year. Plus, if you graduated from CP with your class, check Graduated.

Interested in Reunion If you want to know when someone is making reunion plans, check this box. You will receive via email any notes posted to your class.

Notify Me If you want to be emailed a notice when new members of your class register at the site, check this.

City, State Zip
Home Phone
Work Phone

Web Site Enter your personal or professional web site address so classmates can check it out.

Comments/Bio Info Yes, tell us your life's story since CP-- boring or not! This is the most active area of the site. People want to know what you've been up to! Give us the juicy details.

Picture You can upload a JPEG photo of yourself (or your dog, kids, truck, whatever, just please keep it clean) to appear on your listing detail. You must use an image file in JPEG format (GIF, BMP, Photoshop, and others won't work). If your imaging software will allow, please resize your image to 300 pixels wide (4 inches at 72 or 75 DPI).

If you choose Click here to add/change the photo for your listing, you will be presented with a screen which will allow you to locate the image on your hard disk and upload it to the site.

If you choose Click here to remove the photo from your listing, your current photo will be removed from your listing detail.

You must click "Update Info" for any changes, including pictures, to take affect.