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This is a website for classmastes, alumni, attenders and friends of that place on Archdale Street in Charleston, SC, once called College Preparatory School (College Prep). Here you will be able to find old classmates and friends, send messages to each other, post pictures of yourself now (and then), and organize reunions with each other.

Yes, it's gone. But those of us who attended College Prep will always fondly remember it. Help make our memories and this site the best that they can be by joining and participating.

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Bill Read, '82

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From Ken Hough, beloved Headmaster from 1968-1981:
I think College Prep was registered as The College Preparatory School of Charleston by the State of South Carolina in the late spring of 1964. It opened its doors that September in the old Jewish Community Center on the Collere of Charleston campus and had its first graduating class in May of 1965. I came to Colege Prep in the summer of 1966 as assistant Headmaster/English teacher and became Headmaster in 1968. We built the facility on Archdale Street that summer.

I resigned as Hedmaster in 1981. I believe the last graduating class was 1984 or 1985. I'm not sure when it became Mason's Prep but I do know they did not keep the upper grades and sold the facility to Charleston Day School. In overview, I think College Prep, a small school with great heart, lasted for about 20 years and provided an excellent high school education for some of the most wonderful and solid people of that generation.

From Paul M. Loveall, class of 1967:
The first year was 1964 when I entered the 10th grade. College Preparatory School was one of many founded in response to the 1964 Civil Rights Act. It was a safe haven from from the violence that accompanied integration of local high schools in Charleston; and throughout the South. All applicants for that first year had to take, and score sufficiently high on, six hours of entrance exams to qualify. We were, after all, a college preparatory school. That first year there were grades seven through eleven. The next year the senior class was in its second year at CP; having begun as juniors from the year before. Therefore the first graduating class would have been 1966. My class was 1967.

From Lynn Parker, class of 1967:
College Prep started accepting students in 1964. The first graduating class was in 1966. It was started by a group of men (George Grice, my dad, Nat Cabell, and I believe there were more) as another alternative to public schools. Mr. Troxell was the first Headmaster.

From Stuart R. Burnett, class of 1974:
The school moved to the Archdale Street location and expanded from one class per grade to two my freshman year, the fall of 1970. Prior to that it was located in two buildings about 1/2 block south of Calhoun Street. I can't think of the name of the street, but it's the one that borders the "King Street" side of the College of Charleston Quadrangle. The main building was on the "King Street" side, and a secondary building with the library and some upstairs classrooms was located across the street. Soon after the school moved to the Archdale Street location, the College of Charleston acquired the old property and tore the buildings down. I imagine the main building had belonged to the City of Charleston, because it was set up as classrooms and I remember there was a small auditorium at the back of the second floor with a stage. We used to change clothes for PE in the room next to the stage and go down a fire-escape to the "blacktop" that served as our only PE area. Basketball practice was held at the old George Street YMCA (I believe it was near the CofC's gym on George St. and Meeting). I can remember the team changing clothes after school then running from the school to the gym down King Street.

...The Archdale Street school only had a blacktop out back where the gym is now while I was there, through the spring of 1974. I think the gym must have been built a few years after.

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